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Natural Connections/ Writing, Naturally

NATURAL CONNECTIONS/ WRITING, NATURALLY How amazing, how healing is the natural world? These workshops - one long, one short - help you to tune in, and write. Whatever your connection, whatever your preferred genre, whatever your motivation, learn how to infuse your words with zest and zing. Air, earth, water and fire provide the conceptual framework for the all-day 'Natural Connections'. The five senses inspire the shorter 'Writing, Naturally'.

Who will benefit?
• professionals such as scientists
• creative writers of all genres
• anyone with a heart

The first Natural Connections workshop was designed for a regional Landcare group. A CSIRO scientist, an environmental engineer, two academics, several 'greenies', a woman writing for children and a poet turned up. The original mix has proved typical - the workshop works for everyone.This ever-evolving, ever-adapting workshop gets to travel to inspiring places. Like Stradbroke and Fraser Islands. Like the Scenic Rim in the Centennary of the Lamington National Park. It assists nature freaks of all ages, purposes, and backgrounds to write environment.

More info? See comments from past Clients. Does your organisation or business need something custom-designed? Contact me. Nature lovers may enjoy such Writing Samples as:

• ‘Korea in the Year of the Mountain'.
• Reviews.
• An excerpt from Cry Ma Ma to the Moon, a novel about a love triangle set in the Australian forest. 

AND an essay published by Griffith Review, 'Keeping a Town Beautiful' about saving a charming town from industrial development on its Obi Obi Creek.


AND the poetic Slow Days on Old Pathways on You Tube.

Only connect!

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Reviewers of Lesley’s Books usually comment about her connectedness with the natural world.