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As a writer of published fiction, non-fiction and poetry, I know how to make a manuscript work. I also know how to help a newish writer polish work like a pro. These are my books, and what the critics say. (You see, your writing will be in good hands.)


 Cry Ma Ma to the Moon. A love triangle set in the forests of eastern Australia. A hot favourite with readers. ‘Couldn’t put it down!’ they say. Ma Ma Creek is the setting for rural storytelling that includes eucalypts, blueberries and Wild Turkey. The cover’s vibrant painting is by Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox and there are 22 more luminous and beautiful paintings within. This novel is available only from Amazon as an ebook

  more reviews … See Amazon.

... a book [of] changes and transformations … cleverly structured and well written, containing passages of evocative prose poetry … [Synge] know[s] how to tell a good story. Social Alternatives.


 Mountains Belong to the People Who Love Them: Slow Days in South Korea and Eastern Australia (Post Pressed 2011). Korea is known as the Land of the Morning Calm and my sojourn there inspired an outpouring of haiku-like poetry. In this second edition is an essay about a week hiking meditatively through the Gondwana forests in Australia in the tradition of the spiritual wanderers of Asia. Includes charming black and white photographs. For your enjoyment, watch the film of slow days on the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, which debuted at the Queensland Poetry Festival.

and the reviews …

An outstanding contribution to Australian nature writing. Transnational Literature.

...this is a delightful and surprisingly rich book, full of beautiful poetry, personal insight, and a great deal of beauty and pleasure. To read it is to become wise. M/C Reviews.

She describes the mountains of southern Korea with beautiful acuteness … The whole book is an intense meditation on her private world and her spiritual quest … we are privileged as readers to take part in this discovery … [and to] embrace her humility and joy at being part of another culture, however briefly. Stylus Poetry Journal.

... a compelling book …The poems tell of the life of a westerner becoming part of an eastern community – noting on both sides awkwardness, kindness and amazement. The best of the poems combine the two journeys with a special richness … I was very moved by this collection … [which] adds to the tradition of journeys of wonder. Social Alternatives.

... the magic in these poems consists in the way the well-learned east-Asia aesthetic overrides the language barrier and allows the poet to communicate with her Korean mountain and its people. ... Keep this one on your bedside table. Dharma Vision.

 Organic Sister (Post Pressed 2005). In the ‘life-was-not-meant-to-be-easy’ tradition, this collection (published under the name Singh) is full of brave and foolish self-revelations about love, friendship, mothering, work and the inner life. Donald Greenfield’s whimsical black & white drawings add pizzazz. ‘Original and never boring,’ people say. OUT OF PRINT but the poems live on when performed at live events all over Australia.

and the reviews …

 … a voice that celebrates nature, the Muse in her various incarnations, the erotic as it enhances imagination, and the everyday world as it is heightened by contact with the transforming medium of poetry. ... delightfully condensed poems … a wild imaginative energy … [Synge] pummels an immense amount … into just a few lines … even the darkest of her poems has an energy and beauty. Stylus Poetry Journal.

... a refreshing sparsity of language … her poems are the linguistic equivalent of a minimalist work of art. Australian Womens’ Book Review.


 Editor of Nine Lives: Personal Stories of Mental Illness (Open Minds 2004). This anthology is achieving its aim to build understanding about the experience of living with a mental illness. ‘Totally proud,’ is the reaction of many of these first-time published writers. This anthology is OUT of PRINT. 



Writer’s Prayer: Oh Lord! Please don’t let me be misunderstood.

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Wot’s in a Name? You’ve noticed I have changed the spelling of my name? From Singh to Synge? See my Letter to the Editor of Writing Queensland in Writing Samples. You’ll also find:

  • 'The Nine Lives Project', written to introduce Nine Lives: Personal Stories of Mental Illness.

  • An excerpt from Cry Ma Ma to the Moon.

  • I, a Passing Stranger and more from from Mountains Belong to the People Who Love Them.

  • Life Roles from Organic Sister, a poem dedicated to Year 10s.
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